Sunday, 28 August 2011

We've moved in!

Well, we finally moved in and have been busy unpacking. So we haven't ventured out of the house too much, but the suburb is just amazing. We feel like we are living in a treehouse - the kookaburras have come and landed on our balcony for food several times, and we've been woken up each morning by birdsong. We've heard cockatoos, bell birds, kookaburras, plus many others. The river keeps glistening at us daily, tempting us to go down and have a look. We have a little bit of bush in our backyard (really very tiny bit of bush) and the kids for the first time in their lives are enjoying scrounging around in it. It really is very peaceful and quiet here, and dare I say this publicly, I have almost been converted to living in 'the shire' - well definitely Illawong.

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